Chamberhouse Winds have been providing high quality chamber music for recitals, weddings, and corporate functions since 2005.

The formation of the quintet was a natural progression for these five highly experienced and skilled musicians who found that they were frequently playing together in larger ensembles.  All of the members of Chamberhouse Winds are established orchestral and chamber players, as well as being solo artists in their own right.

Contact: Please email Ian Stott with any queries.

01/03/16 Update: Please see details of our latest project here: Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes

Chamberhouse Winds’ repertoire can be varied to suit a wind range of occasions, from a formal recital to an occasion more suited to light classics or ‘popular’ repertoire. For examples please see the sample list on the repertoire page.

Members of Chamberhouse Winds have worked with the CBSO, London Concert Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra and have performed for west end shows and the Proms. 

Contact any member of Chamberhouse Winds to discuss possible programmes and combinations of styles and periods of music to ensure the right music is played for your occasion.

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